Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Basket of Flowers" Embroidery Update

I'm chugging along....

I have moved over to the right side and have added the darkest of the dark greens (not shown here) plus some details on the left so it's moving forward.  Think I will tackle the big flower at the top of the basket next.....should be exciting to see that flower come to life.

Weather permitting, been very busy pulling weeds, raking and scraping peeling paint - aha, such wonderful summer fun and terrible heat to contend with.  Much more work in the yard to look forward to.  I always dream of winter when engulfed in 90 degree temps and 90% humidity!  I'm a cold weather kind of girl - except I do love the flowers in summer, but I hate the bugs and the humidity of summer in Maine!  Because of all that fun, some nights I sit and stare at the TV and do nothing, until I can go to bed.

That's it for now and I'll be back!