Monday, July 25, 2016

"Crewel Embroidery" in the works

Hi all,

I'm off working on something I've not done in decades.  I used to love to do crewel embroidery but once I acquired a loom in the late 70's,  then more looms plus spinning wheels, I was off spinning and weaving for years creating blankets, throws, garment fabrics, rugs and placemats.  I no longer need more rugs, garments, blankets and the like so next came rug hooking.  Then there was my desire to learn to knit properly so that became my NEW craft of choice in the evenings in front of the TV.  Embroidery sort of fell out of favor for many years and all those unfinished projects and never opened kits went into a box in my storage room to never be seen again for decades until now!  Of course Rug Hooking dropped in front of my eyes one summer upon walking into Seaport Rug Hooking here in Maine one day and then has enveloped me, along with knitting for the past 10 years.  Now I'm back to embroidery again.  Like I said in my profile "can't settle on any craft forever!"  I love them all!!

I've had this Erica Wilson embroidery packed away that I had barely started when I got distracted but have always wanted to finish.  I suspect, as I'm working on this piece, that I ran into yarn problems, or lack of, that brought me to a halt.  Now I'm getting creative and ignoring most of the instructions and using ALL of what I have on hand!  I've also had this itch to do less strenuous crafts with less lint and embroidery seemed like a good idea!  Ever notice how much lint is on your face after an evening of hooking?  Try a 15X mirror and you'll see lint all over the skin!  Shocking!  I wonder how much of these wool particles wind up in our lungs?  Worth thinking about.

I recently bought a new floor embroidery stand along with a couple of big quilting hoops to use on it until an order from England for a set of  Millenium scroll frames and stretcher bars arrives.  Only heaven knows when that might be since you pay for the frames and then wait because they are so backlogged, as I laugh, NOT!  See review of these bars below plus there are some videos on YouTube:

 This is a BIG piece of embroidery so this undoubtedly will take a few months to complete but I'm stitching away on it every night.  The hoop is an 18" quilting hoop (yes, I've done several quilts also but that wore itself out quickly by the shear magnitude of putting together king size quilts for myself and gifts for family).  The whole embroidery design is over 25" wide and tall.

For those of you who might be interested in any type of needlework and want a floor stand I advise you to take a look at this beautiful stand.  Scroll through Judy Odell's website and see lots of info on this stand along with a lap/between the legs frame.

Review by Mary Corbet of the "Just a Thought" needlework stand:

That's it for now.  Happy rug hooking out there or whatever craft you love.  I'll be back and post
 up dates as I go along!

Friday, July 22, 2016

"Uncle Sam's Hat" FINISHED!

I've had this rug finished for more than a week but as most of us know life has a way of intruding on the fun things in our lives.  Hear, hear for more FREE time to create!

New home on the floor in front of the TV and YES, my sweet Bizy's new favorite place to park herself!   BTW, Uncle Sam is straight on all sides but it's the big Oriental rug that has a wave along the border right where you see the gap between the two rugs.