Friday, June 3, 2016

"Uncle Sam's Hat" Sneak Peak

Chug, chugging along!  I'm closing in on the three-quarter mark of getting this rug finished.  Well, maybe not quite three quarters just yet since I will still have the border to hook and of course there is that really fun part of finishing the edges.

A little over half that is mostly finished....(provided I don't make any changes after I see the whole rug finished, ha!)

Working on second half of rug....

Closer view

Progressed a little more last night with the rose colored flower and background.

I'm looking forward to the flag area - straight strips to hook after all these curves and round flowers.  

Since my goal with this rug was to avoid buying or having to dye any wools I will see how the reds will look in the flag once they start to get hooked.  I have some pretty but bright reds in my stash and I might have to break my pledge to myself and dip dye some strands to tone them down a bit.  We'll see.

I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far with the rug.  The off the bolt plaid I'm using for all the leaves and stalks is an interesting look I've grown to like.  It's not as pronounced as the the original colors in Polly's rug but I think I like it.  Gives a more subtle presence in the rug.  The plaid has always looked like water to me when done in large areas.  I did a rug, further back in the blog, which I turned into a pillow "I Love Rug Hooking" and I really liked the water-look the fabric imparted to the piece.  Often thought of doing a big fish of some kind with this plaid as the ocean.....hmmm, another idea for a rug for another day!

That's my thoughts on this rug for today.  I'll post some shots of the red in the flag and get some feedback to see what others are thinking.  

Come back and visit again soon.

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