Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Uncle Sam's Hat" PLUS Miss Bizy Bea

I had to take this rug off the frame today so I could turn it around to do the corner lettering so I figured why not take some more photos.  Look who wanted to be in the photo - my sweet girl "Bizy Bea!"
She didn't want to get off the rug!  I guess she thought it was for her to lay down on, LOL!

Anyway, here's some full size photos to scan through.

 I called her off the rug which lasted about 30 seconds.  Minute I lifted the camera she headed back to the rug!

Bizy is determined to stay on that rug!  She's claiming it I guess as her own.

Got her to move a little and then she plopped right back down in another position!

                                       FINALLY,  a photo without a dog in the middle of it!

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