Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Uncle Sam's Hat" in the final phase.....decided to post once I got it written and set up.

Bizy Bea is still not giving up her attraction for this rug!  
As you can see I did not even take this rug off the frame and lay it on the floor this time to photograph.  

The minute I spread out the end of the rug she got up and came over to get on the rug and wasn't going away!  So strange.....

As you can see I have kept the original intent of Polly's design but have swayed off in a variety of directions with the colors and flowers.  I've added several extra flowers plus leaves as I was hooking along, changed the design of the flowers and didn't pay too much sway to the fact that the original design had ALL the flowers looking the same.

By the time I was ready to start the border I decided I had worked on this rug long enough and wanted to keep it simple and get it finished so I opted for the random strips of colors or "hit and miss" rather than the design in the book with a darker navy border of three rows.

I am working on the border and then it's on to the backside to do the stitching of the hem.

I was trying to "shoo" her away but she wasn't having any of it from that look!

 Almost lost her focus with an itch!

Messy work area.  Bizy still standing guard over the rug!

 Bizy not going away!
It will be interesting to see how she behaves once the finished rug is laid on the floor in front of the TV.  Will she take up permanent residency?  We'll see..... 

Almost finished.  Hooray.

Have more fiber activities I'm going to pursue over the next couple of months - more to come about that over time.

Bizy finally grabbed up her ball and said "Enough with the computer and the photos - time to go play BALL!"


Sylvia said...

Isn't it fun to watch our pets love our rugs. I think they think we do it just for them.
That rug is bigger than I thought just seeing pictures online. Your colors are wonderful!

Van Huss Fine Art said...

Animals are amazing creatures with very simple needs but most of all they deserve to be loved. Thank you for the compliment on the colors. Most of my rugs are always designed with the thought of what I have on hand rather than having to go out and buy more. I've been working off a stash of beautiful garment wools I have accumulated over the past 40 years that never found their way into clothing. Once I fell in love with rug hooking all that fabric finally had a new purpose in life!