Monday, May 30, 2016

"Fibers to Food" Tip for the Day

Thought I'd throw a little curve from fibers to food today.  I was chopping up some onions this morning and wondering how many would be interested in this technique/tip.

Everyone buys scallions or green onions?  Almost.  Right!  Hate how they go bad QUICKLY in that plastic bag in the refrigerator?  Here's the solution:

Wash, cut away tips and chops.  Line a plastic or glass container with a double layer of paper towels.  Mix up the chopped onions and drop into the tub/container and seal.  These chopped pieces will last for more than a week without starting to rot on you.

Love green fresh chopped onions for breakfast in my chopped boiled eggs with a dollop of Greek yogurt, garlic hot sauce and those lovely green onions.  Enjoy.

"Uncle Sam's Hat" rug is more than half finished and I'll get a photo and post this week.

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