Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Thread Removal Tip"

This will be short and no photos.  Sorry, but I suspect everyone knows what sewing threads look like along with two fingers!

As I was adding/sewing on the wool extensions to the linen for "Uncle Same's Hat" rug today I was picking out the ripped threads from the wool extensions and thinking?  

How many people pull threads that have been ripped out of wool or other sewing projects and find that those dang things fly all over the place, on to our pants and in general NEVER want to leave our hands  ever again as you bang away trying to get them in the waste basket?

If you have this problems then here's the solution!

So simple.  Took me years to figure it out though!

Spit on your index and thumb fingers - okay, maybe "spit" is too unlady like a words so moisten your fingers BEFORE you pick up the threads.  Pick all the loose threads you can hold and roll your fingers together and pitch in the waste basket.  

Gone zo on the first tap!  

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