Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ode to "Leg Warmers"

If only I was poetically inclined I'd write a sonnet for "Leg Warmers!"  Alas, I'm not quick on the rhyming words on short notice.  I'll think about it but in the meantime you're probably asking "another pair of leg warmers?"  Yup!  While I'm waiting for inspiration to strike for (almost there) my next rug hooking project I decided to knit these.  My gray boring leg warmers have turned out to be maybe boring in color but not in wearability!  Love those things!

What a revelation those gray warmers have turned out to be!  I can knit tons of these beauties using a bottom-less pit of my own hand spun yarns and not have to worry about wearing out the heels or doing any math and needle changes to get a PERFECT pair of leg warmers to go over my other commercial wool socks with the too short tops!  Don't get me wrong, I love love love knee-hi hand knit socks right down to the toes but I can wear a pair of leg warmers multiple times before they have to be washed and I never have to worry about holes in the heels of my beautiful hand spun hand knit socks ever again!

The yarn was dyed and handspan by me and knit right from the ball wound off the bobbin.  They will fluff/plump up after they are washed.  The purple wool is a commercial 100% wool from Paton's.  You have to admit these are pretty interesting!  Yes?  Maybe?  Not at all? 

You can knit these by casting on 60 stitches to a #4 circular needle with a sport weight yarn.  Knit 2, purl 2 for the top ribbing then switch to straight knit for the length you desire and repeat the ribbing at the end.  Simple and easy.  I suggest a small sample using the size needle you plan to use to make sure the yarn weight and needle size are compatible and give you the knit you want.      

(Wonder what that funny looking things is at the right lower corner?  Check back for my next post to come and I'll explain.) 

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