Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Learning to Knit"

Those of us who knit all learned in a variety of ways.  Family, friends, workshops and maybe even an occasional male friend.  NO ONE in my family knew how to knit.  My grandmother was a fantastic sewing whiz and could make a pattern and sew a garment by only looking at a finished photo of a style!  Fantastic lady and a very sweet granny to have because she made piles of clothes for me as I grew up.  My mother could not sew even using a needle and hated all needle arts until she reached her 70's and then took up crocheting pot holders and wash cloths.   She didn't exactly set the world on fire with those efforts so she eventually took up gardening instead!  I'm sure all of us have stories about how we learned to knit.  

This book is how I learned to knit!

"The Sweater Workshop" was published in 1984 and was the answer to all my questions about knitting in one book.  I've since learned there are many more questions I needed answers to but at least I understood the questions after going through this book and then better understood the answers!

  The writing is clear, concise and easy to understand and follow.  The "Sweater Sampler" is the perfect project to start any new wanna-be knitter off learning and understanding the sometimes complicated world of knitting gibberish!

You will knit this over-sized golf-club cover (not really but that's what I think of when I see it) and when you are finished you will understand EVERY BASIC STITCH in knitting.  You will also learn much much more in the book that is jammed with information about the math of knitting, knitting in the round, how to pick up and knit sleeves to a round tube, sweater projects galore and other useful tips.

I've discovered that this book is still in print and available on


Great gift for yourself, friend, daughter-in-law or that mother that is now sitting at home wondering what she is going to do with her retirement!  Take up knitting at night and go out and enjoy the world during the day or reverse the choices.  A hobby to fill those hours when you don't have anything fun to do besides dig in the yard!

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