Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Fair Isle Sweater" #1

As promised, I'm posting the very first sweater I knit from the "Fair Isle Knitting Simplified" book talked about in the previous post.

This entire sweater was knit with hand dyed and hand spun wool.  My guess this sweater also weighs around 2.5 pounds of yarn.  I also added a 3/2 pearl cotton that came along for the ride (two knit together at same time) to give sheen....see third down photo for a close up.

Notice the big variation in the colors on the two sleeves - that's hand dyed and hand spun yarns for you!  You never know what you're going to get when the knitting begins!!

My first attempt at a steek had me fussing and fuming over cleaning up the raw clipped edges on the inside.  I finally decided to add this very light weight silk fabric as a border and hand stitched to sweater.
I also had a wider, around the body measurement, than I really needed so I turned back more knitting to the inside which I didn't do on the #2 sweater (Checkerboard) and the #4 "Color My Own" design. 

I was more careful with the measurements and gauge with the yarn/needles, so I didn't have to turn much of an edge at front, on the #2 and #3 sweaters.  Having to turn back extra knitting is a waste of hand spun yarns but also creates a few problems at the neck edge so be mindful to do a swatch gauge on whatever yarns you might decide to use.

The silk fabric makes a nice finished edge so that's an option if you don't like the short clipped edge yarns.

Close up of the hand spun yarns and the pearl cotton.

I was happy with this sweater so it launched me into my first two-handed Fair Isle "Checkerboard" patterned sweater posted a few years ago and then next my most recent post of "Color My Own" sweater which I really was thrilled with.

Great book and a great knit learning experience.  

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