Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Bulky Knit Neck & Chest Warmer"

Since I seem to be on the subject of knitting lately I remembered I had knitted an "adapted" version of a neck warmer from this knitting book below that I never posted.  Here goes.  The book where the original idea sprung from.

Here is the page with my notes:

Sort of weird looking, right?  Well, I got this idea to expand on this and knit it to go over layers and layers of undergarments and outer garments but still fit under a down jacket for my husband when he has to go out in the middle of winter.  He frequently has to climb up on our John Deer tractor and move tons of snow out from the doors of our garages and other places along the driveway.  It can be sometimes -15 degrees outside and windy.  Yes, that's -15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO!

Here is what I wound up knitting below.

I started with knitting the above pattern and then I decided to use whatever wool yarns I had on hand and make it color blocked.  Knit pattern as written and then I picked up the yellow and knit to the length needed for husband's body length minus the ribbing at the bottom.  Once that is done then you pick up and knit at the edge on both sides until the width needed for the sleeve and width of the body.  Sleeve/sides are left open (see photo below)  Final section, the ribbing, was picked up along the bottom edge and a wide ribbing added to finish out the total length required.

The neck section can be pulled up to the eyes, goggles placed on the edge of the neck edge to keep in place and any additional neck/scarf added either under or over the knit and then a down jacket over everything.  I knit this snood/vest out of wool with large needles (#10 circular) in a stockinette stitch rather than the garter stitch that shows in the book's photo. 

I joined the bottom of the gray and red sleeves with a strip of yarn before I started the ribbing cast on.  I picked up and knit around the bottom for the ribbing.  I left the sleeve openings large because lots heavy garments go on first BEFORE the sweater/vest and there wouldn't be any problems getting it over whatever husband wanted to wear under it.  It might be goofy looking but it really works beautifully, does the job of keeping him extra warm and he loves it!

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