Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Sidewise" or "Cuff to Cuff" Sweater"

Remember that sidewise sweater I had started knitting eons ago?  Well, here it is finally finished!

I've yet to block this sweater.  I've also not worn it either!  It fits perfectly and all my fussing and agonizing about whether this whole sideways knitting was going to work out - well it worked!  Would I make another one using this method is the bigger question?  Maybe, depending on the style of sweater I wanted to wind up with.


The cuffs worked out fine and gives me the option of turing them up or down.  All-in-all I'm satisfied with the results.  Must get around to blocking so some of the more loose tensioned stitches even out better but otherwise the project was a success!


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