Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Giant Granny Square" Throw

I've been M.I.A. for a very long time.  Life has pulled me from one crisis to the next crisis.  I won't bore you with complaints or all the details but here's just a small list:  

Six month remodel of a large bedroom and bathroom because of a water leak that destroyed the ceiling and everything in its path!  Needed new tile in the bathroom so decided to do that at the same time also.  Then there was the 18 year old Viking Oven in my kitchen that was shot.  Spent months trying to decide if I wanted to completely remodel the entire kitchen ($$$) or identify a new oven and remodel the cabinet and find an oven that would work in the space for less money, a carpenter to modify the cabinet and get the work done.  Research and more research.  Bids and more bids.  Decisions and more decisions!
  My dearly loved English Springer Spaniel Andi who was 16 1/2 years old when he passed became a daily task.  He needed daily nursing during his last year....very sad and many exhausting hours tending to his needs.
  Major renovations to about 1/4 of the exterior of our home because of failing water shielding and rotting....ugh, real mess!  Distractions, workmen, bids, phone calls, materials, bills and daily problem solving.

So now you have a very brief over-view of what I've been up to.  This throw below is one of two I started and finished during this time along with some other projects which I'll try to get posted soon.

"Giant Grany Square"
Easy to crochet.  Easy to keep track of where you left off.  Isn't that the beauty of a "granny square" crochet pattern in the first place?  Yes!  Just around and around and around with little thought which was the perfect project when the mind is some place else.

  Entire throw is wool, 75" x 75" and plenty big enough to curl up on the sofa and be covered completely!