Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sideways Sweaters

Gosh, where have the days gone since my last post?  I bet everyone is as busy with summer activities as we have been so far.  It's been gardens, gardens and gardens,  friends, lousy weather, a few side trips shopping, cooking and baking (ah, another story for my other blog), some entertaining and trying to get some rest in between it all.

I promised to put up some photos of the crazy sidways sweater I've been knitting.  I've been  FOREVER  at this project (just seems that way to me since so many months have flown by since I started it in January - yikes)!  Not exactly like I'm going to need a sweater when it's 90 degrees outside and 95% humidity is it?

I bought this book - "Knitting Cuff to Cuff" several years ago and thought this might be the answer to all my prayers to knit an EASY sweater for a change - just knit, knit, knit and sew up the edges!

Well, you do wind up doing a whole lot of knitting - it seems like I'm never going to finish this monster.  I know it isn't any bigger than any other sweater I've knit, but...........  Maybe  it's because EVERYTHING - front, back, sleeves, cuffs, etc. - is being knit at the same time and all of it is sitting in my lap all the time that it feels like it will NEVER be finished.  

I had to lay this out on my carpeting just to get a good photo.
I decided to use up a bunch of Wool Ease yarns that I had hanging around so if the total job wound up being a HUGE flop then not a lot of wasted money.  I decided I would change colors as I went and if I ran out of a color - wing it, in other words!  (Shush, I really did have a bit more of a plan than that but that's fairly close to my plan....)  I didn't even do a gauge sample (horrors....) figuring I would get creative with the side seams if it turned out too small (funny aren't I?)

Back side band almost finished - actually, it is finished now and I'm on to the front band.....that's all that is left to do.......wheeeee!
Band is just a plain k1, p1 ribbed edge since I did not want to fuss around with trying to get some odd assortment of stitches to work out properly so stuck to what I knew would work.....remember, you are picking up for the band, cuffs and neck on the odd side of the knitting which gives you a totally different number of stitches then if you pick up at the live side.

Neck band with a cast off using the yarn over method for extra stretch.  Looks a little rumpled in the front and at the back but this will even out when it is blocked.

Photo of one cuff, which is extra long to compensate for a mistake I had in reading and understanding the instructions when knitting the length of the sleeve.  I caught the mistake when I was finishing up the second sleeve - oops, so I just shortened the second one and knit the cuffs longer than I had planned.  I must admit I found the directions a little confusing when it came to increasing and decreasing for the sleeves but then I'm a very visual person who rarely reads any pattern, if I don't have to, and always manage to get the project done.....really HATE WRITTEN directions for knitting and much prefer graphs - graphs make me happy.

One of the ideas I had BEFORE I started this sweater was to make it as simple as possible, get it finished to the point of sewing up the side seams and then go back into the sweater with a crochet hook and get CREATIVE.  I'm not sure I want to spend another minute on this sweater except call it a day, sew up the side seams and go on to something else......still thinking......
That's all for today folks, drop around again when you have the time and see if I decided to doing anything crazy with this beastie!