Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Winter" panel finished

Back of dog sweater in the works

Okay, I got a little side tracked with knitting a dog sweater but I did manage to get the next "Four Seasons" panel finished - behold "Winter" in next photo.


After I finished "Winter" I decided to fix a few things I wasn't happy with in the "Fall" panel.


 I changed the trunks on the trees because I felt the other trunks with the wider strips just didn't look right.  Now I'm on to panel # 1 "Spring" below.


The extended lines are to make sure that all four panels are the same size.  I started out with  5" x 7" panels and after finishing "Fall" the size has balooned to 5" x 8" and then after I finished "Winter" the size was 6" x 8" so I went back to "Fall" and added the necessary inches.  The two finished panels are now 6" x 8" and I can not let this one get away from me because the frames are cut - curtains if one of them is too big!
I quickly roughed out a drawing with a marker to denote placement of objects for "Spring" which I'll start soon - dog sweater is calling me to get it finished!

My  3 year old English Springer Spaniel,  Bizy Bea has very thin hair on her chest and gets chilly.  How do I know this?  Well, now that the wood stove is going most of the time in our family room since we have not turned any heat on just yet and it can get as low as 50 degrees in the house and even colder at night she has taken up almost permanent residence in front of that stove even with a sweater on!  I call her my substitute CAT.  She has two sweaters now but we all know how dogs like to roll on the ground, chase after things and get wet so she needs a couple more.  I'm going to cut a paper pattern with the dimensions of this pattern and the next one I'm going to sew.  Anyhoo, that's it for now - panels coming along, even if a bit slower than I planned.

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