Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Winter" Four Seasons Panels - Update

I have started the Winter panel and thought you might like a peek.
I posted a wider shot of the hooking being done so you can see it in comparison to the Fall panel.
Still have a long ways to go since most of this is #3, 4 and some #6's with over spun white yarn.  
One of the objectives with these panels was for me to try to use as much left overs in my wool collection without having to cut anything far so good.  I have put in one strip at the top for the sky color but not sure it's as dark as I would like it to be.  There is one lighter strip near the snow's edge.  I'll have to wait until more is complete before I make a final decision.  Of course changes could also take place in other areas as it evolves - we all know how that can happen!
That's it for today - see you all later.

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