Friday, November 2, 2012

"Four Seasons" Panels - Update

As promised, an update on my first hooked "Four Seasons" panel.

I started with the Fall section first and I think I will do the Winter one next.  This one turned out a tad bigger than the originally planned 5" x 7".  It is now 6" x 7.5" so that means all the rest of them I will have to be careful to get them all the same size.  I have found some neat frames that will work nicely with these panels when finished.  My husband is going to make them for me so I will have control over the opening which is comforting.  The wool strips are mostly #6 with a few #4's and the greens and yellows are hand dyed whereas the orange bottom is a plaid off the bolt along with the cream color of the trunk of trees.

I only posted this one for a size comparison.

That's it for now but stay tuned and I'll post the other one soon.

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Three Sheep Studio said...

This is Beautiful.
I will be eager to see the others fall into place.