Saturday, October 27, 2012

Small Project - POTHOLDERS

I have been needing some new potholders for a very long time.  Could I buy them?  Sure, but I thought it would be nicer to make them myself, but then I'm always lining up projects I think I can do better myself.....that's how I get myself into mucho trouble from time to time!!

  Well today was the day to sew since I've been putting this off for months since I bought the insulating material to go on the inside (purchased from  So I went up to my studio and looked around for what I thought would be some nice thick wool.  I originally was planning to do some crazy log cabin piecing with multiple colors and then I put my head between my legs and took a long deep breath and asked myself "what are you thinking, for potholders?"  So down and dirty quick was the solution I needed, at least for these two for now, and this stopped me from hyperventilating over this project!!

I found this scrap of the dark very heavy twill that will not go through the Frazer cutter to make hooked rugs and thought this will work.  Next what do I have that sort of matches or contrasts?  The background twill fabric that I absolutely loathe that I used in the background of my "Lollipop" rug.  Nice fabric 100% wool but because it is a twill and very thick you can't cut it very narrow or it pulls apart when hooking so I figured let's use up as much as I can anywhere I can of this nasty stuff.

I put lining, back and front together and thought it was way too plain - they're potholders for cry'n out loud - there I go again, so I just had to add something for a tiny bit of decoration - can't help myself!  Not wanting to do any hand stitching I decided to cut out the star appliqués and use the sewing machine to zip around the edges with the blanket stitch.  The next one I decided to appliqué first before I put everything together.  I did not worry about the corners too much or getting everything perfectly straight - remember VERY THICK FABRICS -  POTHOLDERS remember, so turning the corners was not easy.  Anyway, I think they are cute and will fill the bill for now.  I plan to make a couple more and probably do something similar.

Anyhoo, use up that left over small scraps of wool and make some pot holders......LOL!  Oh, they are over-sized at 6" x 9" and will go in a drawer so I didn't need any tabs on them either.....all this for something that will go in a drawer - I'm really mad!

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