Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Lollipop Dreams" FINISHED & HUNG!!

"Lollipop Dreams" hung in its new home location.  I finished up the binding on the back today and decided to GET IT UP before it got ROLLED UP and stored away until I got around to it, LOL!
Not the best photo but lighting is a little dim in this mudroom/hallway but I think everyone gets the idea.  Better photo below.

"Lollipop Dreams"

35.5" high x 37" wide
Designed and hooked by me
Lots of hand dyed wools in #'s 4-8 cuts
Background and bottom edge between points is an off the bolt fabric

On to the next rug:
"A River Runs Thru It"
Coming Soon

**Additional notes about "Lollipop Dreams."

I sort of jumped the gun on posting this as FINISHED when it's not actually 100% finished yet - just the hooking - since I have some added things to make for it to be complete.  "Lollipop...." is going to be a wall piece and the points on the bottom will have red polymer clay country style hearts hanging from each tip along with maybe gray/blue tabs at the top for hanging over a dowel.  


Three Sheep Studio said...

This is a beautiful rug !
Your design and color choices are lovely. Very cheerful.
Thanks for sharing your finished piece...

Kellie from Indiana said...

Beautiful rug. Very bright and a happy piece!

Gayle said...

Spectacular! Love your original design!

Gayle said...
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