Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Four Seasons" Panels

I decided I would do a hooking project that is a little smaller than the last one for a change of pace and maybe a quicker finish time.   I came up with this idea of four 5" x 7" sections that will show the same design but at different times of the year.  I'm not even going to draw the design on the rug warp but keep my original sketch handy and work blind.  I think by doing that I will have some variations in the hooking and each section should be slightly different but still in the end, the same design.  

I drew a 5" x 7" outline on the paper and then walked over to one of the windows in my studio and looked out at the trees and sketched what I thought would work as far as balance.

One of the windows looking out at the woods and a grove of birch trees from my studio.
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What you are seeing in the window in a very large 60" Cranbrook loom
sitting idle......ho hum, if I only had more hands.....

Not much to look at at the moment but I'll post progress reports as I go along.  Each section is exactly 5" x 7" with 2" all around.  I plan to put these finished pieces in country frame to hang in my powder bathroom.  Check back in a few days and maybe I'll have finished one of them.  Oh, btw, I'll probably hook these using a #4 since the space is so small and a #8 might just be too big and crowd out any details.  

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