Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thank You to Everyone!

Just a small "Thank You" to everyone who wrote to me plus posted comments on my "Lollipop Dreams" rug.....I really appreciate your kind comments.

Small Project - POTHOLDERS

I have been needing some new potholders for a very long time.  Could I buy them?  Sure, but I thought it would be nicer to make them myself, but then I'm always lining up projects I think I can do better myself.....that's how I get myself into mucho trouble from time to time!!

  Well today was the day to sew since I've been putting this off for months since I bought the insulating material to go on the inside (purchased from  So I went up to my studio and looked around for what I thought would be some nice thick wool.  I originally was planning to do some crazy log cabin piecing with multiple colors and then I put my head between my legs and took a long deep breath and asked myself "what are you thinking, for potholders?"  So down and dirty quick was the solution I needed, at least for these two for now, and this stopped me from hyperventilating over this project!!

I found this scrap of the dark very heavy twill that will not go through the Frazer cutter to make hooked rugs and thought this will work.  Next what do I have that sort of matches or contrasts?  The background twill fabric that I absolutely loathe that I used in the background of my "Lollipop" rug.  Nice fabric 100% wool but because it is a twill and very thick you can't cut it very narrow or it pulls apart when hooking so I figured let's use up as much as I can anywhere I can of this nasty stuff.

I put lining, back and front together and thought it was way too plain - they're potholders for cry'n out loud - there I go again, so I just had to add something for a tiny bit of decoration - can't help myself!  Not wanting to do any hand stitching I decided to cut out the star appliqués and use the sewing machine to zip around the edges with the blanket stitch.  The next one I decided to appliqué first before I put everything together.  I did not worry about the corners too much or getting everything perfectly straight - remember VERY THICK FABRICS -  POTHOLDERS remember, so turning the corners was not easy.  Anyway, I think they are cute and will fill the bill for now.  I plan to make a couple more and probably do something similar.

Anyhoo, use up that left over small scraps of wool and make some pot holders......LOL!  Oh, they are over-sized at 6" x 9" and will go in a drawer so I didn't need any tabs on them either.....all this for something that will go in a drawer - I'm really mad!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Four Seasons" Panels

I decided I would do a hooking project that is a little smaller than the last one for a change of pace and maybe a quicker finish time.   I came up with this idea of four 5" x 7" sections that will show the same design but at different times of the year.  I'm not even going to draw the design on the rug warp but keep my original sketch handy and work blind.  I think by doing that I will have some variations in the hooking and each section should be slightly different but still in the end, the same design.  

I drew a 5" x 7" outline on the paper and then walked over to one of the windows in my studio and looked out at the trees and sketched what I thought would work as far as balance.

One of the windows looking out at the woods and a grove of birch trees from my studio.
Want to see other photos of my home and property in Maine then go to my blog:
What you are seeing in the window in a very large 60" Cranbrook loom
sitting idle......ho hum, if I only had more hands.....

Not much to look at at the moment but I'll post progress reports as I go along.  Each section is exactly 5" x 7" with 2" all around.  I plan to put these finished pieces in country frame to hang in my powder bathroom.  Check back in a few days and maybe I'll have finished one of them.  Oh, btw, I'll probably hook these using a #4 since the space is so small and a #8 might just be too big and crowd out any details.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Lollipop Dreams" FINISHED & HUNG!!

"Lollipop Dreams" hung in its new home location.  I finished up the binding on the back today and decided to GET IT UP before it got ROLLED UP and stored away until I got around to it, LOL!
Not the best photo but lighting is a little dim in this mudroom/hallway but I think everyone gets the idea.  Better photo below.

"Lollipop Dreams"

35.5" high x 37" wide
Designed and hooked by me
Lots of hand dyed wools in #'s 4-8 cuts
Background and bottom edge between points is an off the bolt fabric

On to the next rug:
"A River Runs Thru It"
Coming Soon

**Additional notes about "Lollipop Dreams."

I sort of jumped the gun on posting this as FINISHED when it's not actually 100% finished yet - just the hooking - since I have some added things to make for it to be complete.  "Lollipop...." is going to be a wall piece and the points on the bottom will have red polymer clay country style hearts hanging from each tip along with maybe gray/blue tabs at the top for hanging over a dowel.