Thursday, September 20, 2012

Worms, Worms & Worms!

Did you think I was shifting topics on this blog from fibers to gardening?  Nope, I'm talking about "wool worms."  If you are a rug hooker then you definitely know what I'm talking about!  Never ending growing ever larger quantities of these cut pieces.......eeeeeeeeek!  What to do about it?

My solution is a "worm roll." I took a long piece of canvas, hemmed all edges,  sewed plastic curtain rings approx. 6-8" apart down the center of the length.  Thread a long cord or twill strap material (see in photo) through the rings.  Make sure you are attached at one end and leave enough length in your strap to go around the individual bundles of wool worms and then wrap around the roll when rolled up.  Make sure you don't roll too tightly or some wool strips will pull apart when you pull them from the roll.  Number 4 cuts and below and particularly out of twills can pull apart easily otherwise plain weave cuts hold up well all the way down to a #4 cut.

I have a cute little bench that sits next to my chair where I do my hooking and can easily pull strips of wool as I need them.  

You can make these to accommodate various lengths of worms and small or larger quantities of strips.  Just make sure you have enough to overlap when rolled up and your strapping material is long enough to wrap around the roll and tie a knot to hold the whole roll together.

Happy worm control!

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Ginette Chiasson said...

Hi Sondra,

Your blog is a pleasure to read; gorgeous images with great tricks of the trade! So grateful that you are sharing all your precious knowledge with us all. I even consider you a bit as my web mentor (-:
Have a great week !