Monday, September 3, 2012

"Inspiration - Day 2 - FOCUS!


            FOCUS – Do not let yourself be distracted by unnecessary chores, people or things. 

                                                      FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

Focus sounds easy to say but with our lives filled with distractions it can be difficult to slow down, look and listen long enough to even notice "inspiration" or an idea even when it is in front of us.  I have just as big a problem as the rest of you and maybe even more so because I can become very scattered with so many irons in the fire that I can break down and run dry of ideas.  It's only when I slow myself down, zero in on what I want to be doing; i.e., rug hooking, painting, knitting, weaving, etc., that I can bring my focus up to front-and-center on an idea and then I can capture the "inspiration" and apply some creativity to it.  

Here is an example of an idea that hit me at 5:30 am two mornings ago when I let the dogs out of our garage for their morning bathroom needs.  I looked up at the sky and here was the moon still in the sky and the trees poking through the clouds.  I ran back in the house, grabbed my camera and took a couple of shots.

Here is the sketch that I jotted down on my 9" x 12" sketchbook that was laying on the kitchen table.  See drawing on the right.  This will become part of a series I'm planning of nothing but very small hooked rug projects as soon as I finish my "Lollipop Dreams."

 Small thumb-nail sketches.  None of your drawings have to be full blown works of art - just get the idea on paper to capture the moment. 

Left sketch is what wound up being my "Midnight in Maine" purse which was a moment very late at night when taking the dog's out for their potty time before going to bed.  The right sketch is something I came up with while staring out my kitchen eat area window while I was slurping down my morning cereal!

More purse ideas!

More purse ideas

Mushrooms!  One morning I was scanning through some ebooks that I had downloaded from on my iPad and I open a 1900's fairytale book that had an illustration with a mushroom  so my brain was off and running!  

I went to Google Images and looked at cartoons.  I started making notes of different things I saw and then added my own silly images with made up ideas.  Possibly the beginning of another whimsical rug or possibly a series of small wall hangings - who knows but they are there and all I have to do is thumb through them and who knows what will happen with these drawings.

Many of my sketches, and I have hundreds in various notebooks, will probably never see the light of a hooked rug project but they are there for me to go back through regularly and see if there is something that lights a fire under me.

You must grab the moment, even if it’s only a flash!  You snatch up that pen and pad and start to write down your thoughts, draw a small thumbnail sketch, list colors if you see them and trust me, if you don’t make these notations when you have a good grasp on them, they will be gone FOREVER, most likely to never surface again.  Keep drawing until there are no more ideas floating and knocking up against the inside of your head.  This is "inspiration" at work so slow down and listen.


Now you have an idea, so what do you do with it?  I'll be back with more constructive thoughts in a few days so stay tuned in.  In the meantime, get those ideas on paper!

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