Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Idea Boards, Binders and Color Wheels"

I was cleaning up my kitchen from breakfast this morning and I thought of a couple of habits I have practiced for many years that can be so much help when planning a rug, your next sewing project, decorating a home or color coordinating a wedding!  

Idea Board or Story Boards
Find a place in your home - backside of a door, wall over a desk,  inside a kitchen cabinet where you can hang a cork board or pin right into a wall - something I've done in my sewing area.  DH wasn't too happy about that one but he has long forgotten and it is my studio anyway.  Start collecting ideas.  Color combinations you like together.  Fabrics that are in a room where you want to put a rug.  Carry samples with you when you go shopping in a 3-ring binder, see next suggestion, when shopping wool or trying to decide on a dye swatch and whether it will match that quilt on your bed.

Whether you are trying to pick colors for a rug or for a whole house this is the best way to not go crazy in the process.  My husband and I have built and I have decorated 6 homes, along with a couple of strays, my definition of homes we didn't live in very long or those of clients when I owned an Interior Design and Decorating business many years ago.  I always had a binder for my clients and for myself with plastic sleeves where I organized fabrics and paint samples, ideas for styles or treatments for cabinets, plumbing fixtures, bathtubs, flooring, wallpapers, draperies and on and on - whatever I knew I wanted in the house went into that binder!

Acquire a collection of paint chips or if you can get your hands on a full book of samples all the better.  Wonderful tool for trying to match colors.

A whole book of color chips used to run around $10 from some of the major paint companies but I have no idea what they cost these days.  I still have several from our last house we built and still live in from 20 years ago.  I keep promising myself to locate a few more current color books but just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I still use one of these paint books if I'm trying to match a color like for instance my country bench color is matched to one of the colors in the rug under my kitchen table.

Buy a Color Wheel!
There are a zillion color wheels out there so pick wisely.  You can get them that are very basic and then those that shift several levels in value which can be very helpful.  Keep one handy and learning how to use it can be an invaluable tool when matching wool colors in a rug.  Not all greens go together nor all the other colors in one color family.  Learn to see the differences and you'll be on your way to a more harmonious presentation.

That's my tip for the day on color and planning a rug or even decorating a home.....back to cleaning up my kitchen!

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