Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embroidered Child's Sweater

Just a little "change of pace or topic" until I post the final installment of my ideas on "inspiration and creativity."

This is a little girl's sweater, approx. a 3 year old size.
I originally knit the sweater and never planned the embroidery.  I finished the sweater and thought it was awfully plain and w/o interest.  I decided I needed to punch it up a bit and then I wound up with a 6 month project of adding the embroidery!  It was actually a fun project but way more involved than I had originally intended.  

I had no plan or pattern to work from.  I just started adding the stems first, then the big flowers to the front, back and sleeves and finally the small area at the bottom after the big sweater pieces were put together.  I crocheted the ruffle around the bottom and the band on the front.

I thought the whole thing came out rather cute and I could imagine doing something like this on a "big girl's" sweater next.  I would change one thing - do the embroidery on a stocking stitch rather than a garter stitch.  Garter stitch is way too springy and I had to make sure there was plenty of give in all directions when doing the stitching of the stems and big flowers.  The entire sweater is out of needlepoint wool for the embroidery and the base sweater is Lion Brand Fishermen's wool.

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