Friday, August 24, 2012

Tip of the Day - Create Extensions

If any of you are like me, then you hate all that extra linen or rug warp you have to waste on all the sides of the hooking project just to make sure it will fit on the hooking frame, just to see it cut off and be wasted later!

Just figure out how many inches you need for your rug/mat project then just add whatever amount you think you will need to either whip or turn to the back the edges.  Add another inch or so and sew on your extensions.  If you think you might add more hooking to the outside edges when you are close to being finished then add those inches also.  Find some of that less-than-desirable wool in your stash and cut some nice wide strips of say 6-10" and sew to the outside edges all the way around.  This might not be the prettiest while you are hooking but trust me you can move to the outside edges easily and save a whole lot of warp in the process!

I just might add several extra rows on the outside edges before this rug is finished - why not, I have the room to make changes since I did leave myself room to do just that with this project - you decide what works for you.  When I'm ready to finish the rug these extensions zip right off with a razor blade.  I roll them up and keep for the next project.  These plaid extensions have been on every rug I've made posted on my site.  Okay Hookers, that's my "Tip of the Day."


Gayle said...

Great idea! I've actually used strips of muslin to do the same thing and they work too!

Lynn S said...

What an excellent idea -- I will do this with my next project! I'm new to rug hooking (I found you through Rug Hooking Daily) but have used this 'edge extender' method in hand quilting and it has always worked beautifully. I have several sets of extender cotton fabrics that I've used for the past 15-20 years -- one set is for large/long quilts and the other set is for the small/wall quilts. Thanks for the helpful post.