Sunday, August 19, 2012

Socks, Socks & More Socks

Okay, I promise no more socks for a while after this posting but I just couldn't resist this one and I also had a quandary on my hands.  Short story, I started a pair of socks a few months ago and knit one of them with an entirely different pattern that I made up which had big ribs running vertically down the sock.  I also put a wedge down the back of the calf for a different design feature.  Design feature, yuck, I hated the sock when finished, even how it looked on the leg - ugh!  Now, do I knit another sock just like it so I had a pair or do I rip it out and use the yarn for some other design?  Rip out, won the day and this is the results.  Now all I have to do is knit the second one......oeh!  Anyway, this is a Barbara Walker graph and I added the bobbles in the first two rows, knitting from the top,  didn't like them, so I omitted for the rest of the sock.  Interesting design but a bit slow to knit because some parts of it you can zip right along because the stitch numbers are easy to remember then there are those rows that take full concentration and then WHAM - rip out time!!

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