Monday, August 27, 2012

"Midnight in Maine" Purse Finished!

I'm rather pleased how this simple bag finished up looking.  

Back of bag - button to hold the beads on yarn to flip to the front for a bag closure

Lining - excuse the camera handle
(Oh, than one and only removal bag strap, LOL)
Tabs for the rings sewed to the inside 

I sewed all of this bag on the sewing machine except for the lining which I attached by hand.  I have a Viking sewing machine that has a left-right-center choice to place the needle so I just put the pressor  foot up on the hooking, needle to the right side and gave it a go.  I figured if it didn't work well then I could just rip it out and assemble by hand.

Here is the finished edge when the bag was turned right-side out.  Not too bad with just a minor catching of the loops near the center of the photo and certainly to the average eye no one is going to get picky about this one or notice!   My Grandmother (bless her heart for putting up with me) always used to say when she was sewing clothes for me when I was a child, I had to do a fitting and squirmed (I guess)  constantly I guess to get back outside to play "Oh well, no one will ever notice mistakes on a galloping horse anyway!"  I am a perfectionist when it really counts but the rest of the time I figure my Grandmother's motto probably is true.  It's amazing how I remember this saying since my Grandmother said this to me more than 60 years ago - boy how time flies and it always amazes me what I still remember as I get older!


Gayle said...

What a beautiful job you've done on finishing your purse! I made one myself a couple years ago, but hooked the front AND the back - it's almost too heavy to use and carry LOL

Kim said...

Very cute purse. Like Gayle, I made one and hooked both sides.

Van Huss Fine Art said...

Thank you both for nice comments. Yes, hooking both sides of a purse can make them very heavy to carry around especially once you load them up with stuff!