Monday, August 20, 2012

"Lollipop Dreams" UPDATE + My Rug Hooking Space

I've come a fair piece since I last posted an update.  Almost finished with the background and then on to the side panels.  This has been so much fun to hook except for the background, ugh.  The wool in the background is a twill - always be leery of those twills.  This fabric wants to pull apart when you pull through the cotton rug warp.  The fabric wound up much thicker than I had expected after it was fulled and dried.  Even though this was a bargain basement find at $5/yard and I couldn't resist but it's a pain in the wrist to work with and I doubt I will use it again in large quantities - some dabs here and there will be best but maybe not the bargain I was hoping for.

 Close up of sunflower on the left

 Sunflower on the right side

Blue bird watching over all her funky friends below.

Thought everyone would like to see where I do my rug hooking.  I'm always intrigued to see other hooker's spaces.  This is my space in one corner or side of our family room - you can imagine I do a lot of vacuuming and you would be right.  Baskets of wool strips and even a heap over the arm of my chair with a towel to protect the fabric of the chair from any dyes staining my chair.  My husband watches TV and I hook or sometimes knit in the evenings.  This is where it all takes place!!  The big cabinet was built by my husband along with the fancy book shelf on top to house all of my little black books of interchangeable knitting needles and reference books.  My larger knitting and rug hooking books are stashed in our library and my studio - pictures for another day.  Cabinet below is stuffed with knitting paraphernalia - aren't crafts fun?  We can stuff our goodies into so many closets, shoe boxes, cabinets and window seats.  Where do you stuff and store your goodies? 


Gayle said...

Your rug is so whimisical and delightful - and you're almost done! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

It's looking good! Love your "nest". You're right, we all have them--along with lots of little wool snips everywhere! Debby K