Saturday, August 25, 2012

"iPad Garden" Carry Bag Assembled!

Bag is finished (almost)!  You know the old adage "plan ahead?"  Well, I should have thought about one small thing before assembly.  I found these nice antiqued brass clips in my sewing machine drawers and thought - "ah ha, these will work just fine."  Well, not so fine, since the one and only removal leather strap I seem to own has polished brass on it!  Okay, now I either rip back the lining, remove these antique brass hooks, make a new tab and insert a polished brass ring OR I must seek out some antique rings and make a strap.....hmmm, what should I do?   In the meantime, while I think about this problem I've posted pictures of some of the details of the bag.  

I found many yards of this nice satin fabric in my stash and since I have a red leather cover for my iPad I figured this worked just fine and very easy to sew on.  I did add one pocket but couldn't imagine why I would ever need more storage areas so I stopped at one.

I took three strips of #8 cuts of wool and braided them together to make a loop - nice and cute I thought.  Sewed the ends, trimmed and then sewed on the flap side of the front and tacked the lining fabric over it.  I also liked the look of the lining peaking up above the back outside material edge so I stitched it by hand that way.

So the small loop hooks nicely to the backside over this wooden toggle.  Problem of how to close the bag solved.  

The bag came out nice I think, iPad fits perfectly inside and except for the minor strap problem to solve yet, which will probably require a trip to JoAnn's Fabric, it's all finished (ah, almost)!  

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