Monday, July 30, 2012

Verdict In on Toe-Up Socks

I have given myself some time to think about whether I like knitting socks in the toe-up technique or whether there are any advantages, at least to me anyway.

After much consideration and evaluation the verdict is in and it is NO!  There is really little difference between whether you go from the top down or the toe up.  If you want to try on socks as you go then knit them on circular needles or if you really must try them on and you knit on dp's then move them to a  pair of circa or thread (a nuisance but doable)  - simple solution.  If you want a stretchier rib at the top then use a larger size needle to cast on - problem solved.  If you want to change colors at strategic points for a color change then it is as easy to do in both directions.

The problems I encountered with the toe-up techniques were minor and correctable, sometimes annoying but all solvable but then I have to ask myself "why do I want to bother continuing to learn multiple heels, toes, cast ons, etc. to knit a pair of socks?  I've come to the conclusion I know several and they have served me well for years and why fuss with a technique that works.  Toe-up socks are surly clever, a different way of doing something and trendy right now but life altering, I doubt it.  Will they give you something that much different from all the top-down socks - nope!  They all look more-or-less the same in the final product stage.  The only socks that look any different, no matter which direction you are knitting them, is some of the innovative socks by Cat there's a challenge that might be worth trying when you get bored with all the other techniques.  I'm sorry now that I have invested in several books on toe-up socks because the process was not all that satisfying and I'll probably stick to the top-down method from now on.  Or, I just might give a go at some of Cat's socks since I own all of her books - would be a waste to not at least try them, right?  So for now I'm a top-down knitter when it comes to socks!

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