Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Lollipop Dreams" Progress & Sketching Ideas

"Lollipop Dreams" is coming along nicely.  There are a few minor problems I see with the design but I think they will correct themselves when the background color/wool strips are laid in.  I must say, I have really enjoyed hooking this piece, not just because it's my design or the chance to use up left over wool strips, but just the liberating fun of being able to just picks colors on the go from what appeals and what I think works together......fun, fun, fun.  I really plan to design a few more pieces along this same theme to hook.  Just think this all started from a tiny sketch sitting at my breakfast table one morning!

This is a photo of my sketch book - see "Lollipops" in upper left corner.
Every rug hooker should have several sketch books around them so that when an idea pops into their heads they grab up that pad and quickly get those ideas down for future rugs.  The original sketch might not be the final product but it's a starting place.

See the original sketch for "Peace & Prosperity" in the center.
An idea that "popped" one day and the finished rug below.
The lady in the hat in her garden is yet to be hooked but I think about it.

A rug I really want to eventually hook of "Magi" (Lady Margaret) our beloved English Springer we lost in 2010.  I've often thought of doing a painting of her but it brings such sadness when I look at photographs of her I'm not sure I could sit through an entire painting with tears in my eyes every day - hooking a rug might be easier in the long run!

Back to the problem I created for myself in hooking "Lollipop......" and maybe I'm the only one who will notice this and it's the artist in me so I should also have known better,  but some of the objects are too close to each other with edges almost touching.  In design that's called "kissing edges."  How this happened was that I started in the middle and worked to the right without any outline.  When I started working on the sunflower I wanted to outline the petals around the flower to help them really stand out.  Okay, now I liked that so much I started adding a border around several objects - oh dear, they look rather touchy-feely I started to realize.  I did not intend to outline everything originally anyway because some are way too close to each other - oh well, I'll see how everything works out when I start the background.  I might have to pull out some of the black outline.....time will tell.  But, this is where I am as of now and my thoughts on design, sketch books and hooking.

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