Monday, July 2, 2012

"Designing Rug Hooking Patterns"

For those of you who have been wondering if I'm EVER going to hook another rug anytime soon instead of knitting all those blasted socks well, here it is!  I have been fussing and laboring (nah, not that hard), over this design for several weeks but today it was like a lightening bolt struck and I put the whole center design together in a little over an hour.  I knew what I wanted on the border but the center kept bouncing around in my head and was changing from day-to-day.

If any of you have ever tried to design you own rugs then you sure can identify with how hard this can be sometimes.  It's not exactly the design itself that can be the problem but trying to be mindful of the amount of materials and TIME that has to go into hooking a rug - will I be happy living with this rug for the next several months while I hook it is always the question?   I'm always torn between one design and another - do I do primitive or modern or whimsical or........?  If I'm going to keep this rug then where can I use it in my own home?  Do I have wool on hand (always have a lot of that but usually have to dye it, ugh) and of course just getting to the drawing, laying it out, transferring the pattern to the rug warp and getting to it!  I'm also right in the middle of a very large oil painting (24" x 36") so I didn't want to spend a lot of wasted time on the rug.....big hurdles to climb over but I've always felt if I gave something long enough to jell in my brain then usually a solution would present itself and today was the day!

I'm not exactly sure of the size of this paper which is butcher paper left over from a move 18 years ago! The movers left huge stacks of this behind so I immediately recognized its potential and have been working off about 500 sheets all this time.  Back to the size, I think it is about 30" x 35" but the complete design is not even all there because I'll have to add another 1/2 inch or so to the outside edges for a final edge/border.

Okay, ANYONE who wants to use this design or any part of it PLEASE DO SO!  It would be nice if you give me credit for the design but I won't come after you if you don't, ha!  Oh, one last point, I have not worked out the corner designs yet but that will come in time like all good things!!


Fran R said...

I really like it. It's different from anything I've done. What fun

dulcy said...

I just had to pop over here and visit your blog.... Wow! Love all the things you do. I'm knitting something like my 14th pair of socks, but I'm not adventurous and trying other patterns. I guess that I have been so pleased to master sock knitting that it's kept me in a box that I'm afraid to climb out of and explore other sock patterns. Also, I LOVE your paintings! I've visited your painting blog before, but I'm not sure if I knew you hooked rugs. I was in Searsport two years ago and took a class at that fabulous shop. It was a Jane Halliwell Green class and I ended up with my most favorite rug from that experience. Love your new design and will be curious to see how it progresses. Thanks for your comments on RHD!