Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Diamonds & Swirls" painted rug

"Diamonds and Swirls" 

To all of you who have seen this posting already - Err.....what was I thinking when I posted the title as "Triangles and.....?"  I must have been on automatic pilot because I certainly know the difference between these two shapes......put it up to old age!  Anyhoo, correction made and just another painted rug!   Sorry for the glare on the rug but totally impossible to get a shot w/o this in the photo because of the lighting in the room.  

This  rug is painted on vinyl rather than canvas.  I had a piece of vinyl available left over from painting a table cover so I figured why not give it a try for the floor.  I used latex paint as the base coat on the backside (smooth surface) but found that latex paint NOT to be as user friendly versus using gesso.  Pencil marks smudged, did not erase well and showed through first layers of paint.  To solve the covering problem I resorted to stenciling the paint into all areas.  Actually, the stenciling created a nice cover and gave an interesting texture which I actually liked better than the brushed on paint look.  This rug is located in my Powder Bath and I'm really pleased as to how it came out - nice look with the wallpaper and flooring.  

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