Friday, June 29, 2012

"Toe-Up Socks"

My first pair of toe-up socks! 

I have avoided trying to knit a pair of toe up socks until now.  I could not possibly figure out why this would be a better way to knit a pair of socks versus the top down technique.  After all, I've been knitting socks for years and I know EXACTLY how much yarn I need to get them finished so this reasoning that you don't have to run out of yarn seemed a little suspect.  But since I love to always be learning new things I figured what the heck.....let's try this. 

  Well, so far the jury is still out because even though I finished the first sock using the Turkish cast on at the toe, after-thought heel and used a variety of increases going up the calf (which I did not like the looks of any of them) and a longer ribbing I'm just not sold on this technique just yet!  I did learn a new cast off at the ribbing top that was neat using a yarn-over after every knit, then lifting the first knit and the yarn-over over the 2nd knit stitch (then repeat the process) and will probably use that again if and when I'm faced with needing a stretching cast off.  I now want to learn the Judy's toe-up cast on and will work a different heel on the next sock too.  They might not wind up looking the same but hey, who cares, since I'm the only one who will be wearing or seeing them in fur lined boots this winter! 

The heel looks a little "pointy" but actually it fits just fine as does the whole sock but I felt the techniques to be "fiddley and fussy" since you still have to do the Kitchner stitch on the after thought heel - I know, learn a different method, which I plan to do next for two good reasons - 1st you can't try the sock on (not that I really needed to but then other knitters might like to have that option) and 2nd you still have to do the Kitchner stitch (which doesn't bother me) to finish off the heel so that doesn't eliminate that step.  A small annoyance is the fact that you have to take into consideration that your rows start at a side seam rather than the back so you have to plan your designs carefully!   I'll hold my criticism about this method of knitting socks until I work through a couple more and then I'll let you know what I think about toe-up socks and whether I think they are any better to knit this way versus the top-down method.  

After-thought heel.

Turkish cast on with increases every other round.

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