Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Raindrops" Socks


Second pair of socks from the yarns dyed on "Yarn Dye Day."  

When I knit socks I like to take the opportunity frequently to explore some technique or pattern I've not tried before.  In this particular pair of socks I tried the pattern you see above but I did not feel it was really showing up all that well so I switched gears after I had knitted one repeat.  

I have never knit bobbles so I was on to that next.  These were kind of fun so I played around trying a few different methods.  I counted rows and just knit them in where they worked out to be staggered with each other.  My husband thought they looked painful to have on a pair of socks even after I told him the knobs were  not on the inside.  He wasn't convinced and he also kept referring to the bobbles as "warts."  Funny, ha!  Anyway, you can see that I've started the 2nd sock so it should go even faster than the first.  The border at the top will just be a little added bonus out of sight unless one pulls their pant leg up.  These socks were also knit on 32" circulars #5's - my favorite combination. 

By the way, I also figured out, maybe others have too, how to eliminate the hole where the bobble is positioned.  Curious?  Then just ask and I'll post a description along with photos.

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