Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Ice Flow"

I guess everyone is wondering what I've been up to and here is one of my projects in the works - SOCKS!  I'm a sucker for my warm wool knee-hi socks that are an absolute must here in Maine in the winter!

Yarn is "Bare" DK weight, 100% wool from KnitPicks and it is the most lush, soft and comfortable yarn that produces the most wonderful socks that I have ever worn.  LOVE THIS YARN AND THESE SOCKS!  The second sock is finished and they are a pair now happily residing in my sock drawer.  These are knit with a #5 circular needle.  The pattern was my own design.  Supper simple with 4 knits and 4 purls graduating in rows until a total of 12 rows at the ankle.  If anyone wants the pattern I'll be happy to post it.

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