Monday, May 28, 2012

"iPad Garden" Update

Just in case anyone thinks I've been ignoring "iPad Garden" here is an update.  I decided to draw in a couple of petals on the left which will be red to duplicate this color to the other side of the design.
Now the hooking is finished and I've done some embroidery and added a few beads and buttons here and there.  I'm going to look at it for a few days and decide if I want to add any additional not want to over do the beadwork after all this is a hooked piece, LOL!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Canvas Rugs"

These might not be fiber rugs but they are certainly in the same spirit I believe.  I finished these two rugs about a month ago and they are for my kitchen.

The smaller rug was my first attempt at painting canvas which was done on a good heavy grade canvas from Dharma which I had laying around from making some canvas wool strip carriers.  The large rug was done on a very heavy grade canvas ($$$) especially for painting canvas rugs.  They were fun to paint, challenging, time consuming, educational and satisfying.

Thoughts on canvas rugs - hmm, use a good quality canvas, not necessarily the heaviest you can buy.  If you decide to use a lighter weight canvas make sure it has no creases in it because they will NEVER, I repeat NEVER come out no matter how much ironing, etc. you try!  Buy the canvas on rolls and keep smooth.  Apply multiple coats of gesso, say 3-4 liberally.  Pick your design, lay it out with a very light pencil - everything else seems to smudge all over the place and hard to cover with the paint applications.  Use any good quality latex flat interior paints and be prepared to paint your design at least twice and maybe three times with touch-ups!  You could also use acrylics but I found the latex paints to have a greater range of colors that I did not have to premix and sold in smaller quantities at Lowes.  When dry, apply at least four coats of a polyurethane to cover and seal well.

One caveat - Do not drop dishwashing detergent on your rug, and if you do, make sure you wipe up or it will eat right through the polyurethane and some of the color!  Don't ask me how I know that tip!  One last note, there are many ways to "fix" the hems and turn the corners and I suggest trying various methods on some small samples.  The heaviest canvases will leave ridges, unavoidable, but the corners are really the biggest problem areas.  You can sew and/or glue.  I preferred the glue method, faster, easier with a large rug and quicker!  You decide.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Country Bench"

I know this is not fiber related unless you look at this sweet little bench as a tool to carry fiber related items and tools to another part of your house or property!  This is one cute country bench that my husband built for me.  This design was originally built by one of our finish carpenters who worked on our house when it was being built 18 years ago!  It was such a wonder and useful bench that my husband quickly built himself two of them and they have been used for many things over the years and look like it today.  I thought this design would be a great addition to my country kitchen so I asked him if he would build one for me but I wanted a nice oak top on it.  The bottom is out of plywood which I stained first along with the top, then painted, sanded and coated with polyurethane.  The bench can be turned upside down, filled with goodies and carried by the cross bar under the seat.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"iPad Garden"

My latest rug hooking project called "iPad Garden."  This is to be a bag to carry my iPad3 in.  It is a wee bit bigger than the iPad so I can place a firm board or plastic inside the walls along with a pre quilted fabric for the lining for extra protection.  I am almost finished with this and will post a photo when finally hooked.  The bag is hooked in #8 strips on cotton rug warp, which I happen to prefer over the linen especially for bags and purses.  The hook is one of Nancy Miller latest hooks which I absolutely love!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dyed Yarn Day

Last of a stash of KnitPicks regular "Bare" yarns that I dyed for some new socks for next winter.  I recently purchase 10 skeins of the "Bare" super wash so no more knitting socks I have to hand wash, whoopee!  These skeins were dyed with ProChem acid dyes and done very simply.  Hot water, presoaked wool and a sprinkling of dye in each pot, simmer, add vinegar, cool, rinse and hang to dry.  Notice Pelican hanging to the left - a poor dog toy waiting to be mended that belongs to my English Springer Spaniel Bizy Bea - just one more project waiting its turn!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Ice Flow"

I guess everyone is wondering what I've been up to and here is one of my projects in the works - SOCKS!  I'm a sucker for my warm wool knee-hi socks that are an absolute must here in Maine in the winter!

Yarn is "Bare" DK weight, 100% wool from KnitPicks and it is the most lush, soft and comfortable yarn that produces the most wonderful socks that I have ever worn.  LOVE THIS YARN AND THESE SOCKS!  The second sock is finished and they are a pair now happily residing in my sock drawer.  These are knit with a #5 circular needle.  The pattern was my own design.  Supper simple with 4 knits and 4 purls graduating in rows until a total of 12 rows at the ankle.  If anyone wants the pattern I'll be happy to post it.