Monday, April 30, 2012

"Purple Passion" or what else to name a purple sock!

This pair of socks I finished a few weeks ago and is the second of a pair knit using Paton's Merino wool DK weight yarn I had in my stash.  The other pair are cream color and these are also warm and lush to wear.  I worked out this pattern to fit my measurements but super simple.  It takes 2 skeins of their 100g balls.  You also have to hand wash this yarn so consider that if you plan to use it.  I'm also finding this yarn to be difficult to find and when I do, it's very limited in color selection.  After talking with the KnitPicks people I decided to give the "Bare" DK weight a try from KnitPicks which is about the same so I've started to knit my socks using their product instead and so far I've been happy with their yarns.

Brief over view of the knitting:   Knit by casting on 64 sts.  I use a #9 needle to cast on, switch to a #5 to knit body of the sock.  I usually knit the first row and then second row starts the cuff.  Knit 2 and purl 2 for approx. 3.5 inches, or your desired length for the cuff.   First row starting the plain stocking stitch reduce  4 sts on the round where you make the transition to just plain stocking stitch - balanced around the circle of course.  I usually knit two together in the purl section so they just disappear.  Knit for approx. 4 inches and then start to reduce 10 sts like the following:   At the beginning of next round knit 1, knit 2 together, knit to the last 3 sts at the end of the round and sl sl st and knit 1.  Knit 3 rounds and on 4th round repeat the previous reduction round.  Repeat 5x's (10 sts removed and you now have 50 sts. on your needles).  Then knit the length you require to fit your leg to the ankle.  Proceed from there knitting whatever style heel, foot and toe you prefer.