Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Patriotic Wave" Hooked Purse

Another purse ready to be put together....I'm going to be doing a lot of sewing to get all these purses I keep hooking finished!  Heaven knows when I'll use all of these gems but I just seem to be "hooked" on purses right now.  They are the right size, fairly quick to hook and give me a great opportunity to use up left overs and explore a variety of ideas and techniques so I'm going to keep hooking them until I'm tired of them!  Size of purse when finished will be approx 14" wide by 15" deep.  This purse will be just like the yellow "Dancing Sheep" purse when completed.  To understand the construction take a look at the yellow sheep purse.  The lining will be inserted, after I sew the necessary pockets to the lining, and then using a blind stitch sewn in by hand.  Hooked with all hand dyed wools on cotton rug warp in #'s 6 and 8 cuts.

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