Friday, January 8, 2010

"Maine at Midnight" Hooked Purse

"Maine at Midnight"

Another purse in the making and now ready to start the sewing.  Designed by me while looking at the night sky very late one night here in Maine while waiting for my dogs to do their business before going to bed for the night - the first photo is my drawing I sketched out at a rug hooking get together in about 10 minutes from my drawing in my sketch book!  I decided to try for a very primitive style rather than something realistic since I was not sure exactly how I could begin to duplicate the dark night sky with one million stars sparkling away and the trees set again it.  Occasionally I could glimpse a small amount of color cast by the moon so figured why not just give the trees more color so they actually showed up better.  This purse will be a bit larger than the other purses I have recently finished at 11.5" x 15.50" and put together slightly different than the yellow purse or the bunny purse.  I plan an expansion band around the sides and bottom along with a zipper in the top.  The wools are all  hand dyed except the fabric that creates the swirls in the sky which was a plaid in navy, dark reds and a light thin stripe of sky blue.  Hooked on rug warp with #6 and #8 cuts.

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