Friday, January 1, 2010

Checkerboard Sweater

Sorry I've been so absent since October but have been very busy even though I have not been posting my projects, between my knitting, painting, rug hooking, Christmas, family and friends I've been swamped for weeks!

Above is my most recently finished sweater done using the technique of two handed knitting colorwork and employing the weaving in of the carried yarns on the inside to eliminate long floats.  I knitted this in the round using steeks, cut up the front when finished, picked up for the band and attached the sleeves.  The yarns are all handspun and hand dyed, by me, and the sweater is very warm to wear which is certainly nice since I live in Maine and winters are pretty chilly here!  The buttons are Knit Picks' "Harmony" buttons which I think worked out very well.  I had this sweater finished months ago but because I could not find buttons for less than $10 each that I liked I kept holding off finishing the band until some idea for buttons that worked with this sweater presented itself.  I just could not justify $70 for buttons!  One day I was shopping on-line and discovered that Knit Picks was making buttons from their left over woods that they make their Harmony knitting needles from and thought "WOW" Eureka and so affordable!

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