Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Cotton Candy" & "Fire in the Sky" hand dyed socks

Recently I dyed several skeins of Knit Pick's "bare" finger weight yarns and this is just two of the pairs of socks that I have knit from my day of yarn dyeing.  These are so much fun to dye, easy and fairly quick and always interesting to see how they knit up.  Frequently when I am dyeing wool for some of my rug hooking projects I'll put several skeins of wool yarn to soak and play around with dyeing them at the same time my wool pots are simmering.  If you like to knit socks besides rug hooking and are in the process of dyeing wool for your next rug or mat then dip a few of those colors and squirt onto some "bare" sock yarn and have fun!

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